Twinstar Guesthouse Observatory's main objective is to introduce the beauty of the
heavens to the guests staying at Twinstar Guesthouse through the
night sky tour.

The sky over Ballandean is dark and the visitors will enjoy spectacular starry skies.
Sirius Optics sells a wide range of
telescopes  and accessories with
great advice, and serves every
level of amateur astronomers.
The equatorial platform
(tracking system) for our
telescopes were manufactured
by Equatorial Platform, USA.
The 18-inch (46cm) primary
mirror and secondary mirror for
our telescope were
manufactured by
Galaxy Optics, USA.
Our 4.5-metre observatory dome was
built by Astro Domes, Queensland

See also
the Sirius Observatories
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Astro Anarchy
A great place to buy telescopes.  
Conveniently located at Myer Centre
in the Queen Street Mall, Brisbane. .
Unique Stanthorpe accommodation
B&B with an astronomical observatory
The story of a comet hunter's life
The diary,observation reports, and daily experience of one of Japan's foremost comet
discoverer and observer, Tsutomu Seki, of Geisei Observatory, Kochi, Japan.

Asteroid (minor planet) names
The asteroids bearing the names related to the Observatory  
Twinstar Guesthouse & Observatory
28146 New England Highway (PO Box 51), Ballandean,
Queensland 4382, Australia
Phone: 07 4684 1135
Unique Stanthorpe
Clean & affordable B&B
with an observatory
OzScopes is an on-line
telescope store selling a wide
range of telescopes and
Online shop for astronomical calendars, DVDs, Apps, Sky &
Moon maps, posters and postcards.
Our main telescope 46cm (18-inch) f/4.5
4.5-metre AstroDomes dome
Observing deck for visual observing
and astro-photography
Last updated on 21 October 2020
Video image of the night sky over the Guesthouse
(c) 2018 Satoshi Yamada, Japan